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Chick Fic

Did our ovaries just explode?

Moments that make our ovaries hurt
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This is a Fanfiction community for Supernatural that deals with the moments Dean scoffs at, but whether or not he knows it, they happen all the time around the Winchesters. Here we show them to the world so that each and every one of our ovaries hurt.

Angst, fluf, wee!chesters, even hunt stories are good examples of what to post. Not everything has to be cute and fluffy for it to be considered chick fic. Stories can range from them getting injured and angsty to them finding a lost puppy and giving it away. There is a lot of room to work.


There are not going to be much of them.

1.) Fic, recs, and prompts are welcomed.

2.) Label/Pair all fics containing Wincest.

More rules may show up when and if they are needed. Plus, since this comm is just starting out it would be really lovely if you spread word around about this place, thank you.

My name is alieneyes, I'll be your moderator for this evening.